Tips for Building a Platter

A table topped with platters of delicious and beautiful food isn’t only an easy option for feeding a crowd, it’s also a nice way to bring people together. Thoughtful platters of assorted meats and cheeses served alongside foods like fruit, nuts, and of course, premium dips, set a casual and inviting tone for people to help themselves and mingle with others. A perfect charcuterie board or platter is a vibrant and visually appealing display, full of complementary flavors that offer a little bit of something for everyone. 

If you need inspiration to get you started, here are some ideas for creating a fun and flavorful platter, perfect for any occasion.


  • Start with a large, flat board or platter.  Any cutting board or oversized serving plate will do.  
  • Place your dips and empty bowls on your platter first, and arrange your meats, cheeses and crackers around them. 
  • Combine colors and textures to create an interesting and vibrant display.
  • The arrangement of your platter is up to you! Leave space between elements, or pile on additional pairings for a care-free, indulgent effect.



Meat: About 3-4 slices of thinly sliced meat per person.


Cheese: 1 or 2 oz per person. Tip: cut and bag hard cheese ahead of time and put out in “waves” if you are entertaining, to keep it fresh.


Dips: We think our dips are truly the life of the platter. Try 1-2 to create some flavor punch and include a small spoon in each for scooping.

bread and crackers

Bread and Crackers: Use a variety of crackers with different textures and tastes, pretzels, or thinly sliced baguettes.

fruit and veggies

Fruit / Veggies: Dried fruit and fresh berries or grapes add color. Cut vegetables like sugar snap peas, radishes, and carrots add color and crunch, and are great for dipping.

pickles olives and nuts

Pickles, Olives, Nuts: Try salty additions served in small bowls throughout the board to add dimension.